Bed and Breakfast: Cozy, Relaxing Getaway

What is B&B?

Bed and breakfast such as a cotswold country hotel is an institution with unique rooms that offers breakfast and accommodations without serving any other meals.

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What is a hotel?

A hotel is an institution providing accommodation, meals, and other services for tourists and travellers.

What is the difference?

Bed and breakfasts bring people together as no formal hotel can. The hospitality is gracious, welcoming and loving. You are literally living with the owner, as bed and breakfasts are usually owned, managed and lived in by people just like you. This is not only their resources but also their home.

Bed and breakfast are like a home away from home compared to the features of a congested hotel.

You'll find plenty of B&B near tourist attractions sites since they are built in more peaceful rural settings or residential areas, unlike most hotels that provide to the business guest.

Who would use a B&B?

Bed and breakfasts are found all over the world. Some are themed, often as a historical representation of their neighbourhood, while others are romantic and are great destinations for newlyweds on their honeymoons. Even if you stay at bed and breakfast next to your home, it can be such a change from your daily life that you feel you've travelled to a faraway land.

What are the benefits of a B&B?

For a good night rest, you will find that the Cotswold Country Hotel has a much quieter clientele. As a result, there is less noise during the wee hours of the morning. Furthermore, most of these places are away from the hustle and bustle of the major highways, so there is less road noise outside your window. Some of them even keep the windows open for fresh air during the summer.

As far as the food goes, B&B offers the best. You always get a better breakfast at a family-owned inn.

If you compare the prices for staying overnight at either location, you'll find that often times bed and breakfast is actually cheaper.

At bed and breakfast, visitors always get a private bedroom that uniquely looks and feel of what you would expect back home. Also, you have access to a living room, private courtyard and Jacuzzi.

B&B goes the extra mile to make sure their guests are comfortable. Some will offer a glass of free wine while others leave out fresh, warm cookies for visitors. Some even provide a complimentary DVD library to watch in your room with your loved one.

When do people use B&B?

When on holiday, people get away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives and go to the country to search for lovely accommodations with a personal touch.


At the Cotswold Country Hotel, the hosts are always there to assist you to indulge with a pleasurable vacation. As with any honourable establishment or institution, a place of service is only as successful and happy as its guests and members are. Whether you're looking for a modest bed and breakfast boasting a rustic atmosphere, country-themed, or an inn well finished with modern amenities, there are plenty of available options to discover.